Andreas Völk – Rhodes, Vocals

Guitar Kenn Hartwig – Bass, GameBoy

Laurenz Gemmer – CP70

Thomas Sauerborn – Drums

Das Ende der Liebe (also simply ‚DEDL’) was founded in Cologne in 2014. The band, consisting of Andreas Völk (guitar, livesampling, voice, rhodes & FX), Laurenz Gemmer (prepared Yamaha CP-70 stage grand piano, melodica, laptop), Kenn Hartwig (double bass, electric bass, KW radio, circuit bending) and Thomas Sauerborn (drums & synths), has dedicated themselves to music that combines the stringency of electronic dance music with the freedom of improvisation and a modern sound aesthetic, oscillating between the boundaries of electronica, Kraut- and psychedelic rock to experimental pop and abstract sound experiments. ‚Bright Euro Teen Gets Educated About Life by Trip Music Band’ is the title of the first long player by the band ‚Das Ende der Liebe‘. The album was recorded completely independently in the band’s rehearsal room in Cologne in spring 2019. Recording and production were carried out by the band members themselves, only the master was commissioned. While there is no musical director in the band and its concerts usually take the shape of expansive, completely improvised sets, a rather focused song format was desired for the record. Because of this, a rather exciting concept was chosen: during the recordings each band member consecutively was responsible for the material for the next track to be recorded by giving playing instructions to the other musicians. These instructions ranged from “You play these five notes again and again in a circle and vary the tempo” to “Just do something ultra low” to “Just freak out over it”. It was then up to each of the musicians to make these instructions their own, to interpret them and to breathe life into them. After two to three takes, each track was finished and no edits or overdubs took place. In doing this, the band skilfully combined their improvisational gesture with the song format which they felt was perfect for recorded music. With this approach the principle of an equal band collective also manifested in the musical material, which in its turn feels fresh and diverse. New album: ‚Bright Euro Teen Gets Educated About Life by Trip Music Band‘ Release date: 21/02/2021 Label: Anunaki Tabla Format: Vinyl & Digital

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